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I’m Della,
Career Coach

As a certified coach, I am passionate about helping you reach your full potential.

My Background

From Assistant Store Manager to Corporate Vice President...

My journey began as an eager store assistant manager to a corporate Vice President in a major Las Vegas hotel-casino. I was determined to learn and grow, soaking up knowledge from every opportunity that came my way. I achieved my goals through hard work, dedication, and a thirst for success.

Working in the corporate world taught me invaluable lessons about leadership, strategy, and business operations. I faced challenges head-on, honed my decision-making skills, and cultivated a solid professional network. But amidst the corporate hustle, I felt a calling to do something more meaningful.


Driven to make a positive impact, I embarked on a new chapter in my career: coaching and consulting. My experiences and insights could benefit corporations and individuals striving for success.

I established my coaching and consulting business, combining my corporate experience with a passion for personal and professional development. I started working with celebrities, helping them build their business and brand. The experience was exhilarating, and I found immense satisfaction in assisting high-profile clients to reach new heights.


As my reputation grew, I diversified my client base to include aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking business guidance. I offered business consulting services to startups and established companies, helping them streamline operations, develop strategic plans, and achieve sustainable growth.

Moreover, I discovered a deep fulfillment in career coaching, assisting individuals in identifying their strengths, clarifying their goals, and building a compelling personal brand. I provide tailored guidance on resume crafting, interview preparation, networking strategies, and career advancement.


Today, I aim to empower my clients to reach their full potential and achieve their professional goals by providing the tools and strategies necessary to succeed. Through personalized coaching sessions, I help my clients find the confidence to navigate their career journeys successfully.

Whether you’re an executive seeking a promotion, a recent graduate seeking your dream job, or an aspiring entrepreneur with a vision, I’m here to support you every step. Navigating job boards can feel like navigating a labyrinth with no end in sight. Waiting anxiously to hear back from recruiters, only to be disappointed, can be disheartening and exhausting. It’s easy to feel discouraged and on the verge of giving up. But amidst the challenges, remember that persistence and resilience are essential. Together, we’ll transform obstacles into opportunities and turn your career aspirations into reality.

I’m here to support you on your journey to success. Get in touch today, and let’s start building your desired future


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Fun Facts About Me...


  • Image Consultant – byFerial Image and Color Institute
  • Longevity Coach (CLC) – The Spencer Institute 
  • Coach CEG – Coach U
  • Core Values™ (CVI™) Assessment Coach – Taylor Protocols

Professional and Personal Experience

  • Fifteen years experience as a business consultant and coach
  • Learning and development instructor
  • Deep understanding  of the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs
  • Personal interest in mindfulness and meditation and incorporate them in coaching practice
  • Recruiting and career development
  • Non-profit and for-profit business start-up experience
Coach U
Certified Longevity Coach
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I have education and experience in business, recruiting, and training.  

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